The Bragg Blvd. Flea Market 
Fayetteville, NC 
Renovated K-Mart  
The Bragg Blvd. Flea Market is in the military town of Fayetteville, NC, near Fort Bragg. The flea market is in a renovated K-Mart. The flea market has lived in the building for many years longer than the K-Mart had been there prior to their abandonment of the building. The renovation on this building was minimal on the exterior of the building. Even the original sign has merely been painted over. In the picture below, you can see the neon "BASICS" detail of the original K-Mart sign. The renovation of the interior of this building was minimal as well. The flea market vendors simply moved into the old K-Mart.
The original sign with the neon that says "BASIC" in the corner. This original K-Mart sign was just painted over with the words "FLEA MARKET".   Even the original trash cans still remain. The flea market just painted over them.   There are over 100 vendors in this building that used to be home to the monolithic K-Mart.

Flea markets are not unlikely candidates for buying up abandoned big box buildings. In Bardstown, KY, there was a flea market called The Peddler's Mall in an old Wal-Mart before the city tore it down to make way for their new courthouse. In fact, throughout Julia's research she has discovered several flea markets in old big boxes. She plans on visiting one outside of Auburn, Alabama this summer.


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