Central Kentucky Comprehensive Medical Center  
Renovated Wal-Mart 
Mt.Sterling, KY  

The Central Kentucky Comprehensive Medical Center resides in a renovated Wal-Mart. It is privately owned by a group of 4 doctors, who funded the $4 million dollar renovation in order to create this giant medical complex. The building offers 44,000 square feet of space. It now houses a cardiovascular center, chiropractic suite, wellness center and physical-therapy center complete with a small pool and an indoor walking track.
The building currently houses 88 exam rooms, space for a 24-hour urgent-care center, a laboratory, two suites for minor surgical procedures and an imaging center soon to be outfitted with MRI, X-ray and CAT scan equipment.

Julia is going to be visiting this site again for further documentation in the summer of 2005.



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