The Calvary Chapel (old building) 
Renovated Winn-Dixie  
Pinellas Park, FL   
The Calvary Chapel of Pinellas Park, FL, near St.Petersburg, has been residing in an old Winn-Dixie grocery store for the last 7 years. They moved into the space with a congregation of roughly 700 people, and today they have a congregation of over 2000 adults and 600 children. They hold 3 weekend services, as well as a Wednesday evening service. A variety of youth groups and social groups are a lively part of this congregation, and the many classrooms accommodate the large group of children that are church-members.

The church moved into the Winn-Dixie when the grocery store left during the 15th year of their 20-year lease on the building. The Calvary Chapel had previously been meeting in a 10,000 square foot warehouse. Before that they met in a private school, and before that they met in a Sons of Italy Hall. Their up and coming move to the retired Wal-Mart across the street will enlarge their space greatly, so as to accommodate their ever-growing numbers.



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