The Princeton Fitness and Wellness Center 
Princeton, NJ 
Renovated Grand Union  




The Princeton Fitness and Wellness Center has been open in a renovated Grand Union grocery store since May 19, 2003. The size of the building is 52,000 square feet, and is one of 4 facilities that the company owns, the largest being a 94,000 square foot building that is a renovated Ames department store.

The Princeton Fitness and Wellness Center is home to over 6,000 members and 140 employees. It houses 3 swimming pools, 2 studios for classes, a physical therapy unit, offices, conference centers, 2 large exercise rooms with cardio/free weight equipment, and a day spa. The building took about 6 months to renovate, and it was empty for less than a year before the Center moved into it.

People in the communities where big boxes have been renovated do remember and joke about what the buildings were in their past lives. In fact, the day spa at the Wellness Center is in what used to be the produce department of the grocery store. There is always such a drastic difference after the renovation of the big box, and it makes one laugh to think they can be laying amidst candle light, listening to relaxing music while having a massage in what used to be the lettuce and spinach aisle of a grocery store.

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